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Confused and Hurt

Hello All,

My FI and myself were engaged before I received the ring (due to limited funds). Myself as an event planner got a head start on wedding preparations. One of my bridesmaids I would converse with regularly about the plans. I was told about a month or two ago that, "She did not want to know any plans until I received a ring". She wanted some type of excitement when he official proposed with a ring. I was very hurt due to the ring not meaning much to me, I was receiving a much better gift which is my FI. Due to this I did not share any more planning of events including my dress shopping and date selection with her. Last week we shortly conversed about our weeks and I told her we selected a date. She completely ignored my statement and moved on to another subject. My FI officially proposed with a ring over the weekend. I text and called friends. When I text her I got a simple, "Congrats" and that was that.

My second issue, my MOH also has been on my nerves because everytime I speak to her about something that is stressing me out about the wedding  she says if it's meant to be it will be (in a negative tone). Also, she says she is worried because she does not know my FI that well. My FI and myself dated long distance for over a year and half until I moved to be closer to him and start a new career. She met him once (but had other opportunties to met him). My feelings on the situation is if I'm happy and I'm not complaining about my relationship why are you worried.

My whole take on it is that this is a  time I'm  suppose to be happy and enjoying my planning time with the ones I love. But, instead I feel like i'm getting the cold shoulder and sense of unhappiness from some of those closest to me. If i'm happy with the planning and the way things are why can't they just be happy? I know I probably been talking a lot about the plans because I'm super excited, I plan to not bring up the planning so much in the future. But, If this makes sense to you guys please chime in.

Thank you :-)
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