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Pregnant Bridesmaid, dress options?

Hi Girls,

One of my BM is pregnant and due 2 months prior to our wedding.  She is really stressing about the dress.  She has no idea what size she will be 2 months after having a baby.  What does someone do in this situation?  Anyone ever dealt with this before?  I have no idea how to help and put her at ease.

Also, my MOH and other bridesmaid have selected matching dresses in chocolate brown and I'm worried that if we don't order all 3 together that they won't be dyed the same and it will look weird..but that is secondary to my primary concern above.

any experience or advice would be greatly appreciated!


Re: Pregnant Bridesmaid, dress options?

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    I would ask an expert first of all. Maybe she can give you an idea of what to expect sizing-wise or if the dress you would like her to wear is able to be easily altered.

    I think the easiest thing for you to do is have her wait to buy her dress. Maybe an off-the-rack dress in this case would put her mind at ease because it can be bought so close to the wedding. I wouldn't fret about them having matching dresses in this case. It's too difficult to predict what size she'll need post-baby.
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    Ask the bridal store. They deal with pregnant bridesmaids a lot.
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    I'd ask the salon.  Since she'll be at least 7 mos, my guess is that she'll need a maternity size.  My BM was just under 6 mo pregnant with her first at my wedding and she ordered a dress 4 sizes up that was altered to fit.

    That doesn't work for everyone though.  My guess is that a maternity style will be MUCH more forgiving on the belly.
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    My sister had to deal with this and one of my BM is dealing with it. This is what they did and it worked perfectly for both of them: Order the dress 2 sizes bigger than she was pre-pregnancy. My sister had to have her dress taken in a little and my BM's dress fit like a glove.
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    I know alfred angelo and davids bridal offers maternity gowns for sure.    I would also check around the internet and see if she can just get a plain brown maternity dress.
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    As far as dye lots, that's all controlled by computer now, so the difference is negligible.  My sister had us all in David's Bridal truffle dresses, which the five of us ordered at different times from different stores around the country.  (The MOH got hers off eBay.)  The colors were identical.

    She'll likely be pretty visibly pregnant by then, so it's not like anyone is going to judge her for having a different dress.  She might be more comfortable just taking a fabric swatch and finding something off-the-rack closer to the wedding, when she'll have a better idea of her size so she doesn't spend a fortune on alterations.
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