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Sticky MOH situation...

This is a VERY sticky situation, and I desperately need to know what you all would do in my position.

So last September, I announced to my 5 bridesmaids that my cousin Emily would be MOH. I'm not one to have "best friends", but as my cousin, she was the closest one to it over the years.  In essence, she was the "automatic."  However, since my announcement, Emily became engaged, and has her wedding set for 8 months AFTER mine (which I am her "automatic" MOH for as well).  At this time, she is extremely secretive about what she is doing with her wedding, and has not even asked me if I need any help for mine (which is 7 months away). 

On the other hand, my fiance and I have a mutually close friend, Diana (one of the 5 bridesmaids), who has been so good to the both of us throughout our relationship.  Between the 3 of us, we all have the same style,  similar personalities and backgrounds, and I am confident that she could represent us in any decisions that would have to be made if we were unavailabe.  Diana has accompanied me wedding dress shopping, accesory searching, and has kept me sane through the entire wedding planning process.

Now, judging by Emily's attitude lately, and Diana's support, I know that I made a big mistake by making Emily by MOH.  As opposed to taking the role away completely, I would like to ask Diana and Emily to share the role of Maid of Honor.  Now, they don't know each other well enough, so I can't predict whether they will fight.  However, Emily is an extremely jealous person, who will surely raise hell if she had to share the MOH duties with anyone.  I'm not really looking forward to the attitude or family discourse that will surely ensue.....

What should I do???
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