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Personal Attendant - do these even exist any more?

So long story short, my MOH is getting married just asked me and another close friend to be BMs . . . which is awesome, except that there are FOUR of us in our close group of friends. We all 4 lived together in college and remained very close, and we all were in each other's weddings - until now. The bride isn't going to ask our other close friend to be a BM because then there would be one more bridesmaid than groomsman, and she doesn't want to have an uneven wedding party, so she's going to ask our 4th friend to be a "personal attendant" and tell her that she's going to essentially be a bridesmaid and do everything that bridesmaids do, just without wearing a dress and walking down the aisle.  My friend who's going to be asked to be the personal attendant doesn't know yet and is likely going to be a little hurt.  My question is - does anyone actually have personal attendants any more? To me, asking someone to be a personal attendant is the equivalent of saying "you didn't make the cut to be a bridesmaid." What do you all think?
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