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When to ask Others...

I have a 10 month engagement and am wondering what the appropriate time to wait before asking people to be in our wedding is.

Re: When to ask Others...

  • Usually 6-9 months but in your case, maybe a little sooner.

    I had a 9 month engagement and we asked them about 8 months before but that is b/c we had a destination wedding and wanted everyone to be prepared.


  • Conventional wisdom says to ask the wedding party 9 to 6 months before the wedding. The conventional wisdom is based on the idea that friendships/relationships change.

    They don't, always, though, and there can be additional considerations. My bridesmaids are just my younger sisters. Those relationships aren't going anywhere. One sister needed the wedding date immediately, and attending my wedding may destroy her chance to join the Peace Corps, even with the 15 months notice she and the Peace Corps got. (Of course, it was her decision, in consultation with the family, but the extra notice was crucial in having the Peace Corps continue to consider her application.)

    OTOH, I'm letting my future husband wait until even 6 months before the wedding to ask his second groomsman/usher.
  • Like PPs said the official recommendation is 6-9 months.  I think at 10 you're fine to do it any time now.  I asked mine at about 10.5 months - our engagement was 11 months.  No drama over here :-)
  • I think you're fine to ask anytime, though I'd probably wait a couple weeks to wait for things to settle down for people post-holidays.
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