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Does anyone have experience having a wedding with no wedding party or been to one?

I am seriously considering it.  I know someone said that your wedding party are supposed to be people that come to mind immediately, but it just doesn't.  I have three sisters and a SIL and I guess I just assumed that it would be an automatic thing but I don't really know if I want them in my WP.  There is a huge age difference between all of us (the closest is my SIL at 8 years older and the biggest difference is my oldest sister at 15 years).  There is one or maybe two friends I could ask.  One introduced my FI and I and we're pretty good friends but I only see her a couple of times a year (and never talk outside of that) and the other I talk to all of the time. 

I also feel like it would be much less drama without a bridal party.  I'm not really interested in having a bachelorette party and we're having 100 guests tops so I feel like having 4+ BMs would be a little over the top.  I also thought about having just a MOH. 

I guess I just feel like it would look stupid in pictures and everything not having a bridal party and that it makes everything look better with the bridesmaids standing with you.

I guess I just feel like it should be easier than this when thinking of a bridal party.

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    You don't have to have a WP if you don't want one.  And also, just because you don't want want to have BMs doesn't mean that your FI can't have GMs.  Uneven sides are okay!  Having just a MOH is okay too.  Any guest who witnesses the wedding can sign the marriage license.
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    Ditto lalap.  Honestly, if you're asking people to be bridesmaids not because you want to honor your friendship but because you think it will make your photos look better, you're just using people as props, and that's not cool.  It's perfectly fine not to have attendants, or to only have a MOH.
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    I don't think your photos will look weird at all.  Everyone has just bride and groom photos and WP photos.  You'll just have the bride and groom photos.

    Just make sure you select a couple people to be your witnesses and think about what you are going to do with your bouquet during the vow and ring exchange.
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    I am also not doing a WP.  I have a MOH, my mom and a Flower Girl, my youngest cousin.  We chose not to have a wedding party for many reasons, but one because we thought it would less drama.  Well I will tell you that we had two people who expected to be in our WP and were upset when we told everyone that we weren't having one.  SO the drama we tried to avoid came in a different form.  I do not regret our decision, it is what worked best for US and it is OUR wedding.  Honestly, I have many close cousins and close friends that would have been nice to stand next to me, but then i would have ended up with a 20 person bridal party (men and women) Sorry but the thought of picking out dresses for 10 girls made my head spin.  Anyway, I think you need to do what is right for you.  And although we had some drama, as I said, NO REGRETS HERE!
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    I haven't read the responses, but I'll tell you that I'm only having a MOH.  If it was a slightly larger wedding (we're having 13 people), I'd add in my fiance's younger sister.  But after that, no wedding party.  I'm just not that girl who has thirty billion close girlfriends.  I'm different ::shrug:: and am having the wedding party that reflects me.  In this wedding related situation, it's safe to do exactly what you want to do!
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    Thanks for the tips!  The more I think about it the more I like the idea of just having a MOH.  That way I'll get to honor a close friend, without all of the drama.  Also, that would more fit my FI and my style (we don't have heaps and heaps of people we hang out with).

    I am also thinking about having my goddaughter, who will be 5 1/2 when I get married as a flower girl, since she is my oldest niece and only goddaughter.  But I'll have to wait and see about how mature she will be by that time.  She's actually pretty mature now actually so I think it will all work out.
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    One of my cousins didn't have a WP. It was just him and his wife, and I promise that not for a second did anyone present find it weird...I actually didn't even think about it beyond one second of "oh, no BMs". Whatever you decide, as long as you base it on what you want, it'll be great.
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    It's good to see I'm not the only one who is contemplating not having a wedding party. I probably won't even have a MOH, as the one really close friend that I would consider asking is out-of-state and I don't know if she'll ever come back to Florida. (I know that I could still make it work, but I fear that she would flake out on me - just how she is, though I love her dearly).
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