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Groomsmen gifts-help

Ok, so I know the their gifts should reflect them, but I honestly can't come up with any ideas for them.  And yes I know you would think, with 3 of them being my brothers I could figure this out, but I'm at a loss.  My FI doesn't have any ideas either, lol we are a pair!  Anyway, My girls were easy!  I put together "survival bags" for them with everything ranging from Tampons to nail polish remover, and those neat new fast flats!  Each girl got a bag personalized for them down to what is inside-example different brushes/hair spray for different hair styles.  I don't see a guy enjoying this like the girls will. lol 

Anyway, I have been throwing around the idea to engrave beer mugs (they all are big beer drinkers) but I think that has been over done and a little expected and pricey to engrave...I have also been thinking about BBQ tool sets.  They ALL grill out often, and year round (even in the snow), but the nice ones are putting us at about 100 dollars a piece.  I want to get them something they will use and won't just put on a shelf or throw away.  Cuff links are out of the question as our WP are wearing their own outfits, and I think they are tacky anyway.  But I guess I'm just lost, what are you getting for your groomsmen?  Or do you have any ideas?  I never thought it would be so hard to buy for them, but I honestly can't think of gifts. 

They are all gamers, do you think a gift to say, Gamestop would be tacky?  

Thanks in advance!

I thought about hobbies, but they have expensive ones like paintball, golf, cars and I thought about gift cards to places associated with those things, but only 1 our of the 6 live in our area.
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