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To dance with step-father or not?

My fiance and I are getting married in a week. I have been telling him since before we even got engaged that I wanted to dance with my real dad and my step-dad at the reception. (My step-dad paid for more than half the wedding and has been there for me more emotionally than my real dad in the past 10 years) My step-dad has really pushed my real dad being involved and that he should definitely walk me down the aisle.

Last night I reminded FI that I was dancing wtih my step-dad. He then siad he needed to dance with his step-mom even though they arent close so she doesnt feel left out. Well then you have my step-mom (who I can't stand) who would have no honoring. I REALLY need to do something nice for my step-dad and I feel like honoring him with a dance is the best way to do it. He has definitely gone above and beyond when my real dad kept cutting my busget my step-dad stepped in to help cover the things I had already planned for.

Any ideas of how we can honor our step-parents in a great way? I want it to show how much we truly appreciate them. We are not having a DJ or really dancing besides father/dather, mother/son, and first dance so its not like we can get in there and dance to a special song that everyone else can dance to and make it special personally. I am so confused and stressed! HELP!!!

Re: To dance with step-father or not?

  • I would probably cut the dance all together and make a toast to the parents. It would be a way to take a moment to recognize all that they have done and make sure that no one feels left out. I would also do something more personal like a card to everyone with a note or a hand written letter to each person to keep it personal.
  • Just a little tip: The fewer special dances your guests have to pretend to be interested in, the better. You can dance with whoever you want, even if no one is watching! YOu can still dance with your dad and step dad.

    AndPlusAlso, your FI can dance with whomever he chooses as well. Just as bridal party sides are not necessarily even, and guest counts per family are not necessarily even, special dances don'thave to be even.

    However, from the guest perspective, I'd encourage you to err on the side of fewer special dances.

    Suz's idea of a toast is also good.

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