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My fiancee and I have chosen our niece and nephew to be our flower girl and ring bearer! Both are young, our nephew will be two and our niece will be one. Does anyone have suggestions on ways to get them to walk down the aisle together? Laughing
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Re: Flower Girl and Ring Bearer

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    Have them walk hand-in-hand or simply side-by-side. Are they brother and sister? Maybe Mommy can walk them down?

    BTW we are date/city buddies! :) Where are you getting married?
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    I would suggest having them walk hand in hand.  Is there an older child in the family that would want to walk with them?

    Just keep in mind that it probably won't go as you plan it so just have backup situations. For instance, have an adult to walk with them if they need it. It could be that one gets sick, falls asleep, or throws a tantrum just before walking down the aisle and then you don't have any flower girl/ring bearer. Just be prepared for things to go a little wrong with a 1 & 2 year old.
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    Those kids are both really young to be in the wedding. Don't be surprised if they don't make it down the aisle at all. Try having them hold hands, but they may require help from mom and dad.
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    Agreed that they are really young... I used to be a nanny and I would tell you to not completely plan on the younger one walking at one because for most kids it's anywhere from 8 months to 16 months, so there's just no telling.  

    I realize they are closer to you than maybe a cousin, but if there are other kids that are more like 4 or 5 I would consider having someone else do it.  Kids are cute, and if you're okay with them throwing a tantrum or something at last minute, fine, but just know that you can't really prepare yourself for what might actually happen here.
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    We're prepared! I was just thinking of something creative for them to do!  I know young children throw tantrums but I've also seen 7 year old flower girls do the same. We come from close Italian families that strongly believe that no relative should be left out! Regardless we are excited for them to be part of our wedding. We'll have a relative with them! Thanks for your suggestions. 
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    The 1 year-old could be iffy...  I'd say hve them hold hands and walk down together, the the 1 y-o may not even be walking and having a 2 year old in-charge is sketchy too. 

    I was a FG when I was 2 and it was pretty sucessful - I walked down the aisle, slept through mass, and they woke me up in time to walk back.  Lucky I was in a good mood when I woke up :) 

    I have read other suggestions on similar posts about using a little wagon to bring them down.  Would that be a possibility? 
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    Jaime~ that is so exciting, I am getting married in a Roman Catholic Church, approximately 25 minutes from downtown! What about you?

    We're getting married at South Park :)
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    I would veto the wagon idea.  I still am of the opinion that it is not safe to pull children down the aisle in a wagon.  Especially if the children are old enough to be mobile and possibly fall out of the wagon.

    I was at a wedding a few weeks ago, and the flower girl was the bride and grooms' 4 month old daughter.  She was laying down in the wagon, and an adult family member pulled the wagon down the aisle. That was pretty safe because the baby wasn't mobile enough to be able to get out of the wagon.
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    That's *really* young.  Will the one year old even be walking yet?  Could their parent walk down with them?  I mean, you can ask them to hold hands and make a go of it, but chances are that something's going to go wrong and they won't make it down the aisle.  If you're okay with that, then go for it.  Just be prepared.
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    I would think that it'll take forever for two small kids to walk down an aisle by themselves, and I just can't picture a two year-old being able to guide a one year-old down the aisle properly. So I'd have an adult carry the one year-old and then hold the two year-old by the hand. Or better yet, one adult per kid if you can, so that if they start crying or if they sit down and won't budge, someone can scoop them up and get them to their seats. 

    Are their parents in the bridal party? Can they just walk down the aisle as a bridal party member normally would, then hand the kids off to their caretaker in the audience? (Who will the kids be sitting with once they make it down the aisle? Could that person walk them down the aisle and then just take them to their seats?)

    I don't like the wagon idea. It'll look cute if it works out properly, but I feel like there's too much potential for kids that age to try and climb out. Plus I'd hate to see the wagon tip over and the kids go tumbling out and start screaming.
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    I would just designate someone to carry them.  That's a really long walk when your legs are like 8 inches long.
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    I have been involved in a few weddings with toddle RB/FGs and I found it best to have a "reciever" who is at the front and another adult to "release" them from the back, bribe them with a toy or candy after the ceremony too! So the kid has to walk from one parent to the other, I think it helps.  And the "reciever" can run interferece and scoop them up if they get off track.

    Defintely make sure they have someone to sit with, RIGHT AWAY.

    Wow, a wedding processional has never sounded so much like a football game :)

    For cuteness factor I think the two of them hand in hand is just about as adorable as it gets. 

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    I think the whole wagon/decorated stroller thing has been done to death.  I didn't like it when it was a new and clever idea.  I like it less now.

    And it's absolutely unsafe.  I can't imagine a parent of a non-mobile infant being comfortable with a toddler or preschooler pulling them in a very, very tippable wagon.

    If you must have the children in the WP (although my rule of thumb is that someone in a WP must be old enough to get down the aisle on their own, and be able to words to tell what their role is and why it matters), have an adult carry the baby and hold the toddler's hand.

    Sorry: just nms.

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    Adorable! <3333 I would have them walk down together holding hands. Maybe have one of their parents at the end of the aisle to make sure that they will make it all the way down. Or, you could always have someone walk down with them!
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    Our son had literally just turned one right before our wedding and he was our RB. He started walking at 8 1/2  months so he had that part down pretty well. I have a younger sister and brother (9 and 7 at the time) and I did have them hold hands with him down the aisle and hand him to MIL. Other than the fact that they walked so fast that he was semi dragged down the aisle, it went very well for us!

    Side note, places like Men's Warehouse do carry toddler tuxes starting with 2t for about $60. Not wanting to pay that much for something that would a) be too big and b) he would only be wearing it once, I searched around for some better options. I found a 4 piece set (pants, shirt, vest, tie) for $25 at Burlington Coat Factory. Thought I would share :)

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