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Pay for out of town wedding party's airfare and hotel stay?

Is it proper etiquette to pay for your out of town wedding party's airfare and hotel room or should the wedding party expect to pay for their own stay?

Re: Pay for out of town wedding party's airfare and hotel stay?

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    You're not required to pay for their travel costs, but do be understanding if they're not able to make the trip due to finances.  If you're able to offer them a room, that's great.  Or if you have a hotel block reserved at a discounted rate, point them in that direction.
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    Only if you are demanding that they come in earlier than planned, and/or if you are demanding that they stay at a certain hotel. ("I want you to come in a week in advance to help me assemble favors," or "You all have to stay in the room with me the night before the wedding.")

    Otherwise, no, it's not your responsibility to pay for them. Block some hotel rooms or help scout out inexpensive hotels in your area, or maybe ask around if some local friends/relatives have a spare room where your bridal party can stay.

    You need to pay for anything other than their dress that you are requiring - specific shoes, pro hair and makeup, hotel stays, whatever. If you give them the option ("Wear any black shoes that you want" or "I'm having my hair styled by Chez Susan and you can use that salon but you don't have to, you can find your own or style it yourself") then they can pay for whatever they want to have.
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    My FMIL told me that this is required; however, it is not. It is a nice thing to do but not a requirement. I've offered for the OOT wedding party to stay with us the night before the wedding if they decide to come in to town. They have all said they will be booking a hotel room for the night of the wedding on their dime. While they are in town we will be purchasing meals so that they won't feel as strained.
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    No.  In fact, I paid all of my expenses for a wedding I was in a few years ago in Ireland.
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    This is an old-fashioned rule, and providing WP accommodations usually meant the spare room at your aunt's house, not a hotel.  Very few people do this anymore.
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    Everyone was coming in from OOT (destination wedding), so we paid as needed.  I fronted my brother and his wife airfare and was paid back.  My MOH, her husband, and one of the BMs drove out together, and I gave them gas money and paid for one night at a modest hotel.  They chose to stay a second night instead of their original plan of driving home right after the reception, but they picked up the tab for that.  No one else asked for help with travel, so that was all.  (The 3 BMs who I didn't help with travel chose very cheap/free dresses, and DH paid for the best man's tux.)

    We also paid for dinner (pizza) the night befor ethe weddng, lunch the day of, the evening reception, and brunch the next day; we got good deals on all of the extra meals and that food was by no means fancy, but a couple of people mentioned how much it helped not to have to pay for meals on top of the other travel expenses.

    If at all possible, I think you should set aside money to help out attendants who have to travel.  I know I started scrimping from our day-to-day budget (like bringing my lunch instead of buying) so we'd have extra money to help people get to Vegas.
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    it all depends....i have a few bridesmaids traveling from ohio to wisconsin so we were going to offset by paying hotel costs - it is a big expense - dress, travel, food (though we will feed them for sure!), hotel, etc....

    but they both have said don't stress about it...odds are we wil still help our ohio friends out in one way or another...

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    I don't think it's required, in fact I have a smiliar situation. My finace and I live in Ohio but are getting married in my home town in Alaska, all of my family and most of my WP is there however our MOH and best man live here in Ohio as well, we are paying their airfare and they will be staying with us at my moms, and will probably be splitting the cost of food. But we also bought both our MOH and bestmans dress/tux. We knew they couldn't afford and it meant alot to have them there. Even though I was told I shouldn't foot travel expenses for them it was worth having them there.
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    Old school etiquette states that you provide accomodations for the BP.  I don't see this done often.

    For my BMs and MOH, I offered them to stay at my parents' home the night before the wedding which worked out fine.  The night of the wedding they were on their own to stay at hotels or their own homes.

    When DH and I have been in weddings, we've paid for our own hotel and we didn't expect any help.
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    It's not required, but it's a nice gesture. 
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    It's very thoughtful to pay for at least one night of their hotel, especially rather than offer for them to stay with relatives. I personally would rather pay for my own hotel than stay with a random relative of the bride or groom. We are paying for all of our wedding party hotel rooms for both Friday & Saturday nights, since we are hosting them as a part of our wedding!
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    In no way is that required.  The WP understands the cost of traveling when they accept to be in the wedding party and/or accept to come to the wedding.  They would have to pay for it if they were attending anyways.  Its not like you're paying for every out of town guest.  However, if you have extra rooms in your house it would be nice to offer it up to those who are financially strained
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    pulga, why do you treat BMs like brideslaves who need to do what they're told and to be grateful for the privilege of spending money for your wedding?  It's a very off-putting idea.
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    i was in a wedding a few years ago and they paid for a room overnight for me and the WP got ready in it the next morning so it was like a two for one for them
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