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Nontraditional Ringbearer or Bridesmaid? Or both?!

I'm reaching out for some opinions on this. My fiance and I have a good friend who I knew in high school and that my fiance went on to meet in college. She is a mutual friend to us, but we didn't realize this until we met. She has done a lot for us, is a neighbor to us in a new city, helped my fiance get his current job, and has all around been there for us since the very beginning of our relationship.
We are having a nontraditional ceremony and are basically writing the ceremony script ourselves. We want my friend to present our rings. We think this is the perfect way to symbolize her presence in our lives as a common thread and true friend to us both. But now how do we pull this off? Should she stand up front with other attendants? If so, should she wear the same dress? Or should she sit in the front row and stand only to present the rings? If she stands up front with the other bridesmaids, do you think she should also have the title of bridesmaid (or should it just be bridesmaid instead, except with a special role)? I thought "ringmaster"  or "presenter of the rings" would be more special, but I don't want her to think that it's a lesser title. I was just hoping for something more neutral since the idea is that she is an attendant to both my fiance and I.
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