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how much to spend on gifts

What would be a good price  range to spend on my bridesmaids and what should the groom spend on groomsmen?

another question- would like your opinions-   the flower girl in my wedding party is three years old.  I have a few ideas of what to get her for a gift but just want some opinions.  So far i got a few little things for her (flower girl teddy bear, art set, pink bunny stuffed animal )  my other ideas are between a jewelry box that you can put her picture in and have it engraved with the first name or a tote bag that says flower girl and you can have her first initial embroidered on it.  I got the bridesmaids a totebag but it will be too big for her.  I am not sure which of these gifts will be better for her.  any opinions or suggestions appreciated.
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Re: how much to spend on gifts

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    The price is up to you ... whatever you can afford and what you feel is appropriate. It's more important to get them stuff that they will like and use, rather than spend more money. I'd rather have something for $20 that I will get a lot of use out of, versus getting $100 worth of chintzy crap that'll just sit in my closet until I throw it away or donate it.

    That being said, I think it's crummy if someone is spending a lot of money to be a bridesmaid (travel, pre-wedding parties, expensive dress, etc. - ESPECIALLY if the bride is mandating these things), and the bride gets her a cheapo gift in return. If someone's on a tight wedding budget, fine, but stuff for her guests/friends should be one of the last things cut. In other words, it's crummy if the bride is wearing an expensive Kenneth Pool gown but then cries poverty when it's time to feed the guests or buy her attendants thank you gifts.

    But, anyway ... as for the jewelry box or the tote, get whatever you think she'd like and use. I don't know this girl so IDK what she'd appreciate more. I do, however, think it's unwise to theme a gift around one's wedding (example, a tote bag that's embroidered with Flower Girl or Bridesmaid). I also don't know anyone who uses monogrammed stuff in everyday life, so I'd be very hesitant to get them a monogrammed gift for my wedding. I don't know why the wedding industry pushes monogrammed stuff so hard.

    We spent about $100 per attendant, but we only had two bridesmaids and two groomsmen. I got each BM a handbag-style tote (not embroidered, just in designs I thought they'd like) and included a few small things I thought they'd each like ... book, cookbook and apron, everyday jewelry, career-related stuff, etc. My husband got each groomsman a pair of Oakley sunglasses. I've seen my brother wearing them practically nonstop for the past few months.
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    Same sentiments here with regard to the gifts. Think of how much the wedding party is putting out to have the honor of being in your wedding. All the cost of the attire and accomodations and extras really add up -- so something that they will not only appreciate but get some good use of is always the best route. There is nothing to say that you have to get them all the same things either. If you have different individuals who you have great gift ideas for, then there is no harm in giving all the attendants different items ... hope that helps!

    Have fun and good luck! =)
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    We spent about $125 on each member of our WP, and we had 5 on each side.  But our WP was amazing, threw us great bachelorette/stag parties putting out a lot of their own money, and the girls were constantly volunteering to help us with stuff.  So we were really honored by their love to us, so we wanted to return it.  I'm from an area that buys things for the wedding for the WP.  I bought my girls their shoes, jewelry that they could wear for the wedding (but I didn't make them wear it), handmade travel jewelry pouches that I had made on etsy, and gift cards toward the salon for the wedding day hair and make-up.  H got his GM engraved flasks, cuff links, money clips, nice cigars, and the pocket squares for their tuxes.

    Our 5 y/o FG and 3 y/o RB we spent less on.  We got each of them a nice pewter bank in something they like.  For her a carousel and him a soccer ball.  It was engraved with their name and FG and RB.  Then we got him a Melissa & Doug grill toy because those are his faroite, and we got her a nice jewelry box with the spinning ballerina since she takes ballet.

    I agree with the PP who said not to monogram stuff they would carry everyday.  Sounds a little hypocritical since we monogrammed stuff, but ours were items that usually are monogrammed, and isn't something you wear or everyone would see.  Personally, I hate anything monogrammed for clothing or tote bags, and it would sit in the back of my closet. 
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    Pretty sure etiquette is to spend what they spend on the dress and hair etc.
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    I love the idea of the jewelry box for the flower girl. It sounds adorable & something she could grow up and use for many years.
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