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Maid of Honor - should this bother me?

I am having a destination wedding in Mexico and it is less that five weeks away. I just found out that my MOH is planning on doing a "trash the dress" session in full bridal attire with my photographer the week of the wedding.

My MOH is not engaged...the photographer is her friend and asked her if she would do the free session to add to her portfolio.

I've paid $2700 in fees and $1400 in travel costs for the photographer.

I asked my MOH if she was doing the session and she wrote, "Yes! Wanna do our sessions together after the wedding? Lol" I don't think she is being mean, I just think she honestly never really thought about it.

Am I right to feel hurt and ask her not to do it? I feel like it's on my dime and that it isn't really right to be playing bride during my wedding trip.

What are your opinions?
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