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When do Bothers grow up?

Just curious, have any of you had issues with any of the BP refusing to wear the attire simply because of the color? My fiance and I don't have much of a wedding theme but have been basing everything off of the wedding color (baby pink). Anyway, My brother (adult brother), told me if he had to wear pink, then he would not stand up in our wedding. The only thing pink that we had the GM wearing is a tie (no hankie, not even a pink flower). I guess Im just a little floored by his attitude over something so petty. I most likely will just let him wear a black or grey one if it means that much to him.

He has always been the type of person to throw a fit to get what he wants. Always the "my way or the highway" type, and it doesnt matter where he is or who is around when he gets loud and obnixious. As the younger sibling I have always just dealt with it, but now we are adults and I simply don't want to deal with his "all about me" attitude. I feel sometimes you need to respect others feelings and opinions as well. I have recently been putting my foot down when he gets like this, but something is telling me this should not be one of those situations (even though inside I am screaming that it is).

Am I wrong to feel a little pissed that my own brother couldn't suck up his pride for a few hours on the wedding day to do something as simple as this?
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