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Wedding party and my brother

I have decided on the girls in my wedding, which are my 3 sisters, best friend, another close friend and my fiance's only sister = 6.  I chose his sister because I want her there and for no other reason, but in doing this, my only brother is left out.  My fiance is a family of 3 kids and I'm from a family of 5.  His brother is going to be his best man and after that, all of his siblings will be in the wedding party and he will probably have 5-6 guys total.

I'm not really concerned about the even number of people in the wedding party, but I think I am going to have one more than him, which leaves room for my brother.  I asked him what he thought becauase I couldn't bear to have him the only sibling left out because he would certainly notice and would probably be hurt.  I am very close to my brother, so should I just ask him to stand for me?  Nobody has ever done this in my family, so I'm unsure how it will be taken, but he is very important to me.  It's also important that I am not choosing who will be on my fiance's side, regardless if the numbers even out nicely.  I just don't want to be that type of bride that picks for him and has him agree to something he doesn't want.  That's not how our relationship works any other time, so I certainly don't want to start our marriage off that way. 

I just want my brother to be included no matter who else is in the party, so any suggestions?  I want him to be in some sort of an honor position, so what would that be?  What would he even be called if he stands for me?  This is so confusing!
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