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Hi everyone!!
I have a bridesmaid problem!! One of my bridesmaid's, in the course of a month, told me her and her fiance were thinking of moving out of state, and a week later I found out that she was moving. She moved recently and from the time she told me the news up until the day she was leaving I had tried to figure out how I was going to tell her that I do not want her in my wedding anymore. Yes this may sound harsh and mean, but let me give you a little history lesson. We have been friend's since we were kid's, and grew up together. Unfortunately that included growing apart, and all that keeps us together is our childhood. When she calls to talk to me she only calls to tell me about herself, and whatever problems she may facing that day. I honestly do not even think she knows what my last name is going to be once I get married. Why did I ask her? Simple I got overly excited when I got engaged, and she was excited for me "Oh I can't wait till we start shopping for dresses, and planning your wedding." I was all for it, but now she is not the one helping me. ADVICE! Please! Is it wrong of me?
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