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Good Bridesmaids Gifts?

Any suggestions for good bridesmaids gifts?

Re: Good Bridesmaids Gifts?

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    Yes: something that you would buy each of your friends for any other occasion. This can be anything from a bottle of Jenny's favorite wine to tickets to see Kate's favorite band in concert. They don't have to match or follow a theme.

    This goes down way better than stereotypical "bridesmaid gifts" like monogrammed totes (unless that's what your best friend really wanted for Christmas last year and didn't get), a single wine glass that says "bridesmaid", crappy flip flops or jewelry that's not your friends' style but will look great on them at your wedding.
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    ditto Emily.  Just shop for them like you would shop for them like it is their birthday or Christmas.
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    Presumably you know your friends better than strangers on the internets ;-)

    What are their hobbies / personalities / styles? Go from there.
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    My Grandparents on their wedding day.
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    Repeat this to your self: My Wedding Party is made of my family and friends and I should treat them as such.
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    Good bridesmaid gifts are ones not marketed as bridesmaid gifts.
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