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Job for an extra child?

Sorry if this question was already posted, I did lurk first but couldn't find it :)
Basically, I've asked my cousin's kids to be my FG and RBs. But then just now, I remembered my aunt has a daughter who's the same age as my FG (8). I'm trying to come up with something she can do so my aunt won't be offended that I included my cousin's kids but not hers. (There's way too much family drama as is, so I'd rather not contribute to it!) My mom suggested maybe having her hand out the birdseed or something so she doesn't feel left out. I don't want her to be a FG too because she's really spoiled and obnoxious lol. Ideas?

Re: Job for an extra child?

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    Child labor is illegal.  Don't give her a job.

    Your Aunt will get over it, and if she's spoiled and obnoxious, this way she'll stay with her mother the whole time.
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    schroeder, shorti, and ca2mt: good to know i'm not being insensitive by wanting to leave her out :) I wanted my FG to be someone special to me. It's annoying me how bossy the relatives are being. And she's gonna have to learn her lesson someday, I totally don't mind speeding up the process and making future family gatherings more enjoyable..haha.

    xoxo: bean dipping is probably the best option. I think I'll just wing it and see how it goes on the big day. You're right, no use in worrying about it now :)
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