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Entire Bridal Party Out of Town

How do you handle having the entire wedding party out of town?

We have 11 people in our party and we have a total of ONE person actually in town. Originally my sister/MOH was also in town, so I was a lot less worried. Now she's moving to Pittsburgh to be with her boyfriend of 4months the week we were planning on going dress shopping...but that's a whole different story! haha

How do you deal with getting dresses and suits for the wedding party if they are all out of town?

I'm a planner and really organized, I'm just worried that people (especially the guys  haha) won't get their suits in time.

I was wondering if any of are in the same sort of situation and how you handle it. Thanks!!

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    As for the suits, what ever company your using for your rentals will have forms either online that you can print or fax or they will have paper copies that you can send to the men in the bridal party. They can go to ANY local tux shop or alterations shop and most of the shops will measure them for free or for a very small charge. They send you the numbers back and you give them to shop you are using. Try having the guys arrive if possible two days before to check that everything fits, dont forget to check even shoes.

    This works nearly the same for the women. If you are using a large store like Davids bridal who has branches all over, they can go in to the local one near them and tell them which dress you chose for the bridesmaids and get their measurements sent in just the same.

    Good luck. Its all about planning it out. Make sure that both sides know that if their measurements fluxuate to let you know the new measurements by the deadline of placing the order. They can pay when they pick up too.

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    In Response to <a href="">Entire Bridal Party Out of Town</a>:
    [QUOTE]How do you handle having the entire wedding party out of town? We have 11 people in our party and we have a total of ONE person actually in town. Originally my sister/MOH was also in town, so I was a lot less worried. Now she's moving to Pittsburgh to be with her boyfriend of 4months the week we were planning on going dress shopping...but that's a whole different story! haha How do you deal with getting dresses and suits for the wedding party if they are all out of town? I'm a planner and really organized, I'm just worried that people (especially the guys  haha) won't get their suits in time. I was wondering if any of are in the same sort of situation and how you handle it. Thanks!!
    Posted by muldoomi[/QUOTE]

    <div>Just choose stores/designers that have locations nation-wide. Then pick out some dresses and ask the girls to go try them on when they get a chance. Then vote on one. What I did was choose long dresses in the color lapis from David's Bridal and then each girl can choose the dress they like best in that color and length...I think they all really appreciate that they can choose what looks best on also makes it a lot easier to coordinate.</div><div>
    </div><div>For the tuxes, again, just choose a place that has nation-wide locations and pick what tux you want and give them the info and when they need to get measured and whatnot.</div>
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    Ditto the above suggestions.

    Another option for the bridesmaids is to pick a store where you can order online ...,,, etc. Pick out a few dresses you like and send them the links, and let them vote on their favorite and majority rules. If they can try on the dresses in their local stores, give them a couple weeks to try them on before you ask for a vote.

    With AT and JC, sometimes you can get different styles in the same color/fabric/length, so you can always give them a choice. I did this with my two BMs using Ann Taylor, and they got a choice between three similar dresses. One BM ordered one and it fit so she was fine, and another BM ordered two (to decide between styles) and had to return them for a different size, but the whole process only took about three weeks and in the end she got a well-fitting dress that she's happy with.

    Another option is to send them a paint swatch and ask them to get a dress that closely matches that color. You can also specify length and anything you may or may not want (a solid color, no sparkles, certain types of fabric, etc.). If you are open to a non-matching type of look, this can have really nice results:

    Or ask them to get a black cocktail dress, or long gown, from anywhere they want. You can add in your wedding color by getting them sashes or wraps, or just use their bouquets as a nice pop of color.

    The guys could use a nationwide chain like Mens Wearhouse. Or you can just ask them to wear a plain black suit and a white shirt, and then buy them matching ties.
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    Our entire WP was OOT.  The BMs were able to come over Christmas to shop for dresses at the same time, but the guys weren't.  We just gave them the tux info and they all got it on time.  Them getting the outfits isn't your problem, it's theirs.  So take it off your stress list, this isn't yours to worry about.
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    We have a total of 12 people. We have one person in town. All the others are in other states or even overseas.

    I'm a super planner too. I choose David's Bridal to get the dresses because they are everywhere. I chose Men's Warehouse for the tuxes because they are also a national chain. The tux shop said they just need 24 hours notice to get a tux for the guys that are over seas. I gave the girls a few choices of DB dresses I liked and everybody agreed on the same one. My girls went and tried dresses on in their own time. Some even sent me pictures in the BM dress.

    Email and phones are your friends. Talk to your tux/BM dress shop and they can guide you on how to handle OOT wedding parties.
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    I used to work in a tux shop and we dealt with this all the time. Companies (even the small mom and pops stores)  keep your info on file. You can pass the store info to all gm and have them get measured in their own areas of the nation. They then call up the store you ordered from and give their measurements. This is if you want everyone to have the same tux and arrive at the same time. My BIL actually ordered a tux from a local shop for the wedding in CA (he lives in MI) and he didn't care what it looked like.

    As for the girls, pick a dress company or line that is carried throughout the nation.
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    I was an OOT BM.  I just called the shop in OH with my measurements and they shipped the dress to my home.

    If they're in the "Whatever" category like I was that can work.  If that doesn't, you can always give them broad guidelines.
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    My entire wedding party is out of town to me, and also out of town to our wedding (which are different places).  For the dresses, I just picked one online and ordered it and had it sent to each girl.  I haven't thought much about the tuxes yet.
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    My entire bridal party is also out of town. 5BM and 5GM. My mom and sisters are also many states away. We went to Men's Wearhouse to pick out the Tuxes and all the groomsmen will get measured, (at a Men's Wearhouse or any other Tux store) send the information to my FI and the Tuxes will be ready and waiting for them in NC for the wedding! As for my bridesmaids, I picked out a dress I loved, got their approval, and we all went out to try it on. The girls then found a retailer (ours is Alfred Angelo) near them and ordered their dresses near where they live so they could have it altered at their convenience. 
    I've even been able to have them help me with things like favors. You can do so much online now! Consider having your wedding party help you with anything they can since you don't have support close by. 
    Happy Planning!
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    my whole wedding party is OOT.

    I used mens warehouse and davids bridal.  the pick the place they will pick it up: some are getting them here, others are using their cities.  either way it works.  don't stress out about it - it will all work out :)
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    Complicated: being in school in Alabama, planning a Tennessee wedding (over 300 miles away), and having bridesmaids from school (in AL), home (TN), in Kansas, and in Arizona!!

    We actually planned a "wedding weekend" in Atlanta (another variable, that's where my FH lives!!) exactly one year to the day before my wedding and everyone was able to go! We picked out the dresses there and it was also good for them to meet each other ahead of time! We just had everyone send in their measurements and the store will ship the dresses to them when they come in!

    As for the tuxes, I again have a very complicated set-up (adding Oklahoma, Missouri, and Florida to the aforementioned mix), so we went with Men's Wearhouse for our tuxes. That way, everyone is able to go and give their measurements at their convenience!

    Also, a nice stern e-mail or a phone call will do the trick for those who do not have their tuxes or dresses ordered! Innocent  Lol!

    Hope that helped! I know what you're going through!

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    We have 14 people in our bridal party, 7 of which are out of towers. Each of my girls came into town separately to order the dress. Additionally, I ordered a Bill Lefkoff bridesmaid dress which was easily accessible at any bridal shop. In regards to the tuxedo’s we ordered them through Men’s Warehouse. All the out of town groomsmen went to local Men’s warehouse’s in their areas. We went to the Men’s warehouse and picked out tuxedos and colors and they were able to pull our group number up at any men’s warehouse around the country.  I have to admit it was a little overwhelming having half our bridal party out of town but everything seems to be working out and coming together as planned.  I am also a planner and did everything way in advance and so far it’s been smooth sailing.     
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    Everyone is out of town! what we are doing for the guys is getting all of them to go and get measured in Ontario, and then we will pick up the outfits in BC (we are having a casual wedding, and the wedding party will not be wearing jackets) This way, I know that they will all be wearing the same pair of pants, and shirt / tie.  The main reason we decided to do the guys suits this way was to avoid them all going and getting something different!  

    As for the girls - that is still up in the air.  My girls are all different sizes, so trying on is essential.  I think the plan that will work out the best is to have my sister(one of my BM) go and take pictures of the dresses to send to me (before they all go shopping) and then from there they will pick different dresses in the same colour.  

    Which leads me to my next dilemma - Is anyone else feeling left out?! if so, how are you dealing with it? 
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    It will be ok. Our entire WP is out of town. We live out of our home state where we are getting married. You just have to make sure the guys have the swatches or whatever they need to match up with the girls dresses. You may have to arrange for the MOH or whoever else to visit you so you can do the dress shopping. My FI and I worked it out so when we were home for Christmas this past year(even though our wedding isn't til June) I went dress shopping with the girls and he went for the tuxes with the guys. With email and texting, it will be fine. People plan weddings from across the country.
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    Totally agree with the Ann Taylor, JCrew idea. As with all of you, 12 bridal party members, 8 different states, no one here in Chicago with us! I went with JCrew for the BM dresses. My sister was in town for a weekend, and her and I went to pick the dress out. The girls couldn't believe how easy it was to size themselves, and the dresses were shipped right to them. The sizes were all pretty accurate as well, only 1 girl had to send hers back for a smaller size.

    For the guys, I think they will really respect that this is a WEDDING, a big deal, and will put their best foot forward to fulfill their responsibility. We all know guys just don't communicate the way we do. But encourage your fiance to be proactive early on with informing the groomsmen of clothes, schedules, etc.

    Kind of sad to not have your best friends with you during such an exciting and emotional time, but the destination Bachelorette party will sure be worth it!! :)

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    I agree with all of the suggestions.  All of our party but one of the groomsmen are OOT, and I'm doing what I can to be with each girl as she tries on dresses, but when it doesn't work out, I link them in an email to the next idea and give them a few places close to them that sells the dress.  The guys are infinitely simpler, and I'll be going to the same place I got my dress to get their tuxes.  It's closer to us and to where we're marrying, so it make sense.  They can try things on at vendors local ot them.
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    100% of our bridal party is out of town.  One is in Eastern Europe.  Heck, even my fiance and I live 2500 miles "out of town".  I think the "closest" is 1000 miles away from the city we're getting married, no one lives in the same state, etc.
    For dresses and tuxes, we picked clothes from national chains.  tux shops will measure the guys for free as a curtesy, too.  IF you find one that charges (some do), go to a better store!  Most of them do it for free.  Then we let the girls pick their shoes/accessories.  My sister (the one in eastern europe) got her measurements, and I bought her dress based on those.  Then we spoke with a seamstress in town and the 3-4 days before the wedding, she will be doing any alterations.
    Pretty easy.  I don't think it's really any different than when the wedding party is in town, actually!!!
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    I completely understand. Our WP is mostly OOT (my BMs are in different states) and my FI and are are moving to another state before the wedding for his job. Whew. That makes planning a wedding fun!
    We're using American Commodore in the town where the wedding is and having the GM get measured and send them over. I chose Alfred Angelo for the BMs so that shouldn't be too hard for them. I think the hardest part will be having to do a lot of this stuff without my friends and family. Someone said they feel left out since their maids are far away and I understand.
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