Wedding Party

Best Man is a Clown

He's not a literal clown, I think I'd actually be more relieved if he showed up to the wedding with a big red nose and gigantic shoes instead of him staying the way he is now. 

I got a text from him last week that said "On a scale of one to ten, how mad would you be if we tied your FI to a chair in a strip club and he was given a lap dance by three naked ladies for this bachelor party?"

Also, our engagement party was this Saturday, and it was amazing. My bridal party was fantastic, people were so generous and we all celebrated with lots of sparkling wine. The only problem? The best man showed up two hours late. He didn't work that day, he didn't have anything else to do. He thought it would be funny to give us a picture of himself as an engagement gift, so he went to Wal-Mart around the time that the party was starting and had a picture taken, then waited for an hour for it to be developed and finally made his way home to wrap the gift. I just can't get over how silly and ridiculous that was. We decided to wait for him to start dinner and have the toast, which was clearly a mistake. I feel so crappy that he's such an important part of our wedding but I'm trying to let go of my anger, because he's FI's best friend so I know I should be nice.

Any advice/suggestions/funny comments would brighten my day. Thanks!
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