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Ok so I have a question.  My fiance wants to give our groomsmen and ushers mini football helmets.  (Yes, they do follow football)  I, however, don't feel like that is an appropriate gift for a wedding.  I suggested personalized soft coolers.  I feel like those would get use a lot more.  He says that I did not ask for his input on my gifts to my bridesmaids (personalized robes and matching bags) so I should not be able to give input on his.

So, who is correct here?  Should I back off and let him do this thing with the mini helmets or am I correct in thinking that is an inappropriate gift?

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    I agree with MilkDuds - let him make the decision.  My husband gave his guys monogrammed flasks, which I thought was a little on the nose and kind of cheap.  But honestly, they all loved them.  These guys are your fiance's nearest and dearest, so it really should be him that chooses their gifts.
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    What on earth makes soft coolers more "appropriate" than helmets? Are there naked women on the helmets?
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    Haha, no!  There are no naked women on the helmets, I was just thinking that they would get used more than a mini football helmet.  I guess I wasn't quite sure what they would do with the helmets.  Thanks for your imput!  I will def. back off and let him do his thing :) 
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