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Are matching dresses evil?

I've some to this line of thinking- and I wanted to get someone else's opinion. 

I'm thinking about my bridal party, all but one of them is older than I, the average age will be 29 at the time of the wedding. I have a science journalist, a chef, a teacher, a producer, and a doctor amongst them. 

So why would I dress half a dozen grown-ass, independant, successful women up like paper dolls? Just to make my pictures look good? Just to make me look good? Because we can forget that a wedding is more than just a showy production? I the more I think about it the more I can't stand the thought! And, no, they won't wear it again! So if course, I'll let my girls choose their own dresses with some perameters (prob. knee length and a neutral color- but that decision is a still a long way off).

So I have 2 questions:
Believers in matching (yes, same fabric different styles counts as matching) Please give me your thoughts.

Non-believers, should I even give my girls parameters? Or should I just let them wear what they like? They are grown-ups after all, they dress themselves nicely every other day. 

Thanks ladies (hope this doesn't start too many fires!) Smile
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