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The Groom's Say in the Wedding Party..

So, I play favorites. I love my nephew Christian more than any other the other children in mine and my fiance's families. I originally was set on him being the ring bearer. I thought that this was suitable and that I would just let my FI get to pick a flower girl from his side of the family.

The problem is that FI doesn't really have anybody the right age who he's close enough to on his side. He does really like my 7-year-old niece. I think he likes her the best out of all my nieces and nephews. I would like for her to be the flower girl, too, but, of course, not more than I want Christian to be my ring bearer.

I'm worried, though, about whether everyone would think I was some kind of wedding party hog.
Is it okay for both the flower girl and the ring bearer to be from my side of the family?

Even if I were to give up and settle for having my niece as the ring bearer, FI doesn't have anyone that he's close enough to that he wants to be the ring bearer, either. Most of the time, he hates his younger brother. He also doesn't trust him. He's worried he might lose the rings.

Another alternative I thought of is to let both his brother and my nephew be ring bearers, or to have one of the boys carry a sign...
and then to have my niece as the flower girl still.

Still, do you think his family won't like it if I don't include his brother or if Include two while my FI only gets one?
Do you think they would accept it and understand because they know how FI feels about his brother?
I'm not well-schooled in etiquette.. So I really have no idea how people will feel about this.

Help appreciated,

Re: The Groom's Say in the Wedding Party..

  • Our ringbearer and flowergirl are both from FI's side of the family, and I had never really thought about that until right now. There aren't that many young children on my side of the family and we both just happen to be very close with the two kids that we asked. As long as you and your FI are both happy with who you choose, I don't think it matters whose "side" they are on.
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