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So my fiancée (Ryan) and I are getting married November 11 this year.  I've been asking him to decided on his bm/gm and he told me that he had chosen 5 of his good friends.  Well tonight he informed me that his dad was going to be his bm, (they are NOT close)..because his mom insisted.  I asked his mom if it was a tradition of some sort, trying not to hurt anyones feelings, and she said not that she knows of, but that's "how they do it in these parts."  I asked her who's wedding she saw it in, maybe to find an example, and she said noones. And I know that's not how it was in her wedding, but she's insisting on it for our wedding.  I don't want my 20 year old MOH to walk down the aisle with a 50 year old man! I don't know how to address the situation without offending everyone.  :/ Help!
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