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Cousin too old to be flower girl?

I had a really hard time deciding whether or not to include one of my female cousins in my wedding party. At the end of the day I decided that I couldn't ask one without offending the others. However, I am very close with her and would like to have her in the wedding party somehow. We don't have a flowergirl or ring bearer because there isn't anyone young enough. Is there anyway she could perform this role without looking silly? As she is a teenager...

Re: Cousin too old to be flower girl?

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    Hrm, I think she may be too old. Why don't you ask her and see what she's comfortable with? I know when I was a teenager, I would rather die than be seen in a wedding. But she could like the idea.
    It's a girl!
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    Agree with Licia. 

    Just include her as a guest.  For children especially, being a guest is an honor.  Many people do not like children as guests.
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    NO. She can be a junior bridesmaid, be a guest, or do a reading. I think after the age of 10 you are too old for the flower girl status.
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    If she's a teenager, she can be a BM. No need to make her "jr" since she'll be buying the dress and walking down the aisle like the rest of your BMs.

    If you can't ask her alone to be a BM and don't want to ask both cousins, just have her be a guest.
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