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Ring Bearers and Flower Girl

So here's the scoop - my MOH is my eldest sister and my FH's BM is his best friend. Each one has their own son (both 4). My middle sister has a daughter (6) and a son (2). We want to have all of the children in our wedding because they're a big part of our lives. We were thinking to have one 4 yr old and the 2 yr old as ring bearers with a pillow each walk down after the MOH and BM - then have the 6 yr old Flower Girl walk with the other 4 yr old (more of a little escort of some sort) Does this seem to be okay? We are planning on having the boys match in their outfits but I don't know if all boys should have pillows or just the two that will be ring bearers... HELP PLEASE!!! 
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