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Controversial Bridesmaid/Guest of Honor

Okay. I am really stuck here. My FI and I have set our bridesmaids & groomsmen at 6 people (including MOH and BM) and I have more or less picked who I want. I am having a problem with the mutual friend that introduced me and the FI. I have been her friend since middle school but the issue is that she creates unnecessary drama and trys to make everything about her (not exaggerating). I do not want to create unnecessary tension amongst my friends and bridesmaids. I am asking the community what a good alternative would be. Guest of Honor? What do they even do?? How would I make being a Guest of Honor special for her so she doesn't feel left out but also so I don't have to deal with any impending drama? I do love her but she was also kicked out of a mutual friend's wedding due to creating tension among the bridesmaids. So that's where I am with that one :-/

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Re: Controversial Bridesmaid/Guest of Honor

  • GIve her the title and maybe a corsage to set her apart from the other guests. I would appreciate the gesture much more than being asked to do a reading.
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