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Hi everyone,

I am in the early stages of planning, but am trying to figure out how to incorporate all 11 of my nieces and nephews in our wedding.

I have the nephews figured out, but it is the nieces that I am having a hard time with.  I don't really want 4 flower girls... I really want the flower girl to be my best friend's daughter who I am very close to.  My nieces will be 9 and 3.  Any advice for other roles for them? I want to include them in the wedding - just not as flower girls.  

Thanks in advance for your ideas! :)

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    11 children in the wedding?!?! You are asking for a catastrophe! Don't include any of them. If you include 4 or 5 than you will need to include all of them because it will not be fair to the ones left out. As a guest seeing 11 kids doing random wedding tasks would really throw me off. Kids aren't always the best behaved; worst case scenario your wedding turns into a circus. Being a guest is an honor also yah know.

    ETA: Just saw your second post. If you are set on having them in the wedding than I would go with programs.
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    I would go with having them hand out programs and/or bubbles, but that might even be boring for a 3 year old to sit through.  I know you said you didn't want 4 flower girls, but if you are really strapped for a something for the 3 year old you could have 2 flower girls, one on each side of the ring bearer.  I think that is really cute.  But other than that there is not much a 3 year old can do in a wedding.  Unless you count crying and throwing a fit and ruining the ceremony. 

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