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Addressing envelopes

Just wondering how people feel about printing names on envelopes. My hand writing is terrible and there isn't a whole lot of money in the budget to hire someone to address envelopes.

Should I hand write the addresses, and take the chance that it will look like a 12 year old wrote them, or do I print them in "Lucida Calligraphy" style, and take the chance that someone thinks it is impersonal?

Re: Addressing envelopes

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    I've always found it to be a pain to print onto envelopes, so I just wrote ours and didn't care a ton about my handwriting being perfect.  But I wouldn't be offended if I received a typed envelope.  I would just include names with the return address so it doesn't look like junk mail from a Hallmark store that does printed envelopes in a fancy font.
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