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Need bridesmaid help!!!

I moved down 500 miles to the town my fiance is from to be with him. In this process I started meeting new people down here. I was so excited with one friend in particular. She seemed super nice and I jumped the gun and asked her to be a bridesmaid. As time has gone by I regret my decision and wish I would have waited. She has become really clingy and jealous of my other friends I have made down here. She has backstabbed other friends lately also. I want to still include her in the wedding with her boyfriend doing a task together but not bridesmaid. I have another friend that totally deserves her position but I am so afraid of ruining things. I just don't want drama around the wedding. Keeping her as a bridesmaid with her jealousy issues is going to be a problem but I'm afraid replacing her but still including her will be another issue too. What should I do?
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