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3 Bridal Parties, Bridesmaids expected to pay

Im in a friends wedding this coming August. I also am getting married at the end of September. The wedding that I am a bridesmaid for in August is turning into a production. Not only has the bride already had a party to with just the bridesmaids and then a month later an engagement party she wants to have 3 more parties/celebrations before her wedding. I receieved an email from another bridesmaid tonight asking when we could meet up to make plans for the bridal shower, bachlorette party and jack and jill party. Also too, it is expected that we help pay for these parties. Is it me or is this too much. I know that my fiance and I are only having a jack and jill so we are not bombarding our wedding party, family and friends with too much. Not to mention she wants to go away for a whole weekend for the bachlorette party. I know that I am not going to be able to conisdering I have another family wedding, niece/nephew bday parties and my own wedding to worry about. I feel like if I tell her I can only go for a day shes going to give me crap. I also feel like it is a lot for them to expect us to pay for all these parties. I dont know what to do. And not to be selfish I do have my wedding to worry about as well and need money for that too... Does anyone have advice??? Thanks :)
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