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i kinda just need to get this out.

My sister in law was my MOH, she and my brother seperated over the summer, and I tried repeatedly to be there for her to lean on. but I guess with being his relative (though im sooooo much closer to her) it was hard to be around me or something. So I sent texts, brought starbucks to her at work etc. she started to come around so I arranged MANY girl dates for us, to get her out of the house   and she bailed on every one of them.

She and has since taken my brother back (he cheated on her, not for the first time.) which i told her "i dont want to be condescending, but i think its a bad move right now. you could take some more time to deal with things if you want, just bc his girlfriend kicked him out doesnt mean he has to live with you. But whatever you decide, i support you"

months have passed. Still trying to have girl time with her and she blows me off.

well shes been hanging around with another friend, when i found out i was stoked for her! bc its a girl she was close with in h.s. and up until then i was the only real friend she had. I was so freakin excited. But had to wonder "why would she hide a friend? did she think i'd be jealous?" maybe? i deno. but i wasnt, i know how much she missed her and i was glad they were back in touch.

so since about May she has been really sketchy. she only calls to complain about not having money (bc they blow it all on crap and then have my parents buy their groceries and diapers) and my brother being an a hole (we already know this) and then tells me everything thats going on in her friends life. I CANT GET A WORD IN EDGEWISE!

theres so much i've wanted to tell her. like that i've started reading the Bible and going to church (huge deal for me bc i was never into that kinda thing), i recently had surgery and i want to update her on that. Im going back to school and i havent been able to share that with her either. the only time she knows anything thats going on with me is if i type it to her. but im not always in front of a computer like her you know? not really the ideal system of communication.

about a month ago, i made an appointment to try on BM dresses, its the first wedding related conversation we'd had since May. she said she couldnt make it on sunday bc they do family stuff, that if i wasnt selfish, i would have made it for saturday. I had tried for saturday, they were booked, and saturdays are 2 brides per consultant instead of 1.  i told sunday was the only choice i had for a group fitting but if she wanted, she and i could go one day by ourselves and then grab lunch. then has the nerve to tell me i'm a bad friend and all this other horrible stuff bc i didnt take into account that she doesnt have $ for lunch. i had every intention of paying and told her that. then called me a liar.

The one wedding related conversation in months and she freaks out on me.
My wedding is less than 4 months away. its small and simple, im not really stressed about it (yet) bc realistically i know its gonna be great. Im marrying the love of my life, and had my best friend without a Y chromosome to stand beside me.i'm just sad and hurt that she apparently thinks she can only have one friend at a time. Mom wants me to kick her out of the WP (the three of them have been getting into it for years) i didnt want to.

 bc i hoped eventually things would go back to normal even if it happend/s after the wedding. as long as i get my friend back no big deal. Well she does show up for the dress aptmt but spends the whole time trying on dresses that are too short, and dont come in the color we wanted. she brought her 2 year old bc my brother couldnt be bothered to spend time with their child and he SCREAMED his head off the entire time! watching videos on her smartphone at maximum volume after i turned it down for him repeatedly. i asked her over and over to take him home and we could do it another day. other brides were trying on wedding dresses (its a small shop) and they were getting frustrated with the screaming kid. i dont blame them! i would have to. she refused to take him i made a quick executive decision on a dress that everyone else seemed to love, the sales lady told us the latest date to order and MOH said she wont have the $ by then but she can order it later. wtf is so hard about latest date possible to order? theres no option of rush shipping...idk

un-asking a BM is a friendship ending move from what ive read so im against it.

Last night my brother got in a fight with my mom and then started running his mouth lying about me. i wasnt even involved so i told him that. and to leave me alone until he calmed down.

then my MOH starts basically sh*tting on me.telling me how awful i am bc i never come see her (she lives 45 minutes away. FI and i share one car. he has to get to work you know?)  how rude i am, how i always treat her like crap by bringing her flavored lattes she doesnt like, and inviting her out when she has a child to worry abou t(its my nephew, i ve always taken into account that he'd join us for lunch, movies, mall, coffee shop, etc. AND that i'd pay) and that her new friend is so much better and to basically eff off..

mind you i wasnt even involved in this fight, wrong place at the wrong time i guess.

now that im putting this all in black and white im kinda seeing that she must have wanted to get rid of me for a while. i deno.

Thanks for letting me vent. I guess its safe to assume shes not going to be ordering a BM dress at all then?
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