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i feel its necessary....but need advice first

So....i have read ALOT of posts about "kicking bridesmaids out of the wedding." Everyone always responds with, "Dont kick her out...especially if she is family."

One of my BM is my future sister in law. There are reasons why i want her out of the wedding. I feel like ive made a huge mistake in even asking her. I have discussed it with my fiance (being that its his sister, i was not sure how he would feel about it.) He stated that i should tell her to be out of the wedding and he also said that I shouldnt have even asked her in the first place.

I would rather not discuss reasonings behind why i dont want her in the wedding. Its long and drawn out to people who have no clue about background info.

All i want to know is
1. Has anyone ever "kicked" someone out of their wedding? If so, how did you do it and how did it go?
2. How do i even go about it?

Everyone says dont do it....but my FI and I really feel like its necessary. Any advice?

More than words.....
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