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NWPR but...

I'm pretty's exactly one year until our desired wedding date and my aunt is taking me to the venue we've decided we want and checking for's at one of our county parks and they only reserve 365 days in I'm hoping that since I'm going exactly a year before our desired date, we should be able to get it! Wish me luck!!! :)

Re: NWPR but...

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    I live in a pretty big city, so thankfully the variation of potential venues is large...I just kind of had my heart set on having it there :( But as I said, can only do so much and I'm going to a bridal show with a few friends tomorrow so we'll see how that pans out and I'll be researching other places in my area...

    Thanks for the positive vibes, though! :)
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    That's a bummer, but like others have said, it will probably be for the best.  You'll find an amazing venue. :-)
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