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Groom and Young brother in law

Ok, all you brides out there, i have a huge issue. I am getting married to my husband through catholic church this time, The thing is that i have two brothers and one sister. My husband only wants one of my brothers to be his groomsmen. He does not want my younger brother being in the wedding. My brother is 16 yrs old. I have two sister in laws and i do not get along with one, and do not want her as a bridesmaid, but she is a bridesmaid, so i am being the bigger person and saying yes to my husband. My younger brother thinks he is in the wedding and he is preparing himself for it. My husband and I have been having a debate about it and he doesnt want him in it.. WHAT SHOULD I DO??? I want my baby brother to be in it. How do i convince my husband? What do you bride to be think about this?
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