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"Plus size" flower girl/junior bridesmaid

I have three girls in my bridal party. Two of them are 8 and wear a size 8 or 10. The other girl is 9, but she is a size 16 1/2 plus size. We tried on most of the dresses at davids bridal and only one dress size 18 fit her, but not well. We tried the adult BM dress that matched, but its too long in the torso. Any ideas of where to shop for dresses??? I was looking at junior bridesmaid dresses in the champagne color with a sash to match the BMs. I'm not against white or ivory with the colored sash either, but the flower girl dresses only go up to a 12 or 14 plus size.

Re: "Plus size" flower girl/junior bridesmaid

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    Can you get the adult dress tailored to shorten the length of the torso to suit her frame? Or get the size 18 one taken out/otherwise adjusted? Just try not to draw too much attention to the fact that she can't fit into the junior dresses, she probably has enough self-esteem issues as it is if she is big for her age.
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    To add, part of my issue is not wanting to have her mom spend a small fortune on alterations. The cost of dressing is big enough already especially if we end up in adult sizes for her.

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    Try looking at a non-bridal store.
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    Very understandable. Remember that you are not obligated to get the alterations done by a bridal stores "recommended person", maybe you can use that to your advantage, like a if we buy the dress here, we'll get X percent off alterations type deal. If not, ask around your friends and family for the name of a reasonably priced tailor. Or, try looking for the style number online at a discount site and putting the rest of the money to alterations.

    Alternately, you could shop department stores for a dress in a similar color and style that doesn't come with the bridal salon and designer label markup. It sounds as if alterations are going to be a necessity though, so you might want to put some money aside to help the mother if need be.
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    Buy something off the rack.  Where does she normally shop?  A department store might have the same dress in both her size and the other girls' sizes, if you want them to have the same dress.  Or have them each get a white dress from the girls' section somewhere that will work with a sash.
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    AWwwwww poor girl.  Please be very aware of her feelings around body image, and be sensitive to that.  9 is a very impressionable age.  Please, please dont make her feel like a freak.
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