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Okay so I have a Man of Honor and another boy in on my side of the WP, plus two girls and one Girl who isn't really girly.  I am a very non traditional when it comes to traditions such as those, but I am very traditional on the ceremony and reception.  That was just to give you some background. 

I was hoping some of you would know of places I could look or things I could get for them that would be fun and different for them but still be a reminder of the special day.  If you have any websites I should check out or things I could get that would be great. 

I appreciate the help in advance.

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    Shop for the person, not their title.
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    Ditto Aerin.
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    What would you get them if it were their birthday? 
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    You know your friends best so just take into account each person's personality / interests, etc. Gifts do not have to match and they should not have anything to do with your wedding, actually.

    I'd much rather have a book by my favorite author, gift card to Anthropologie or a new belly dance DVD than something specifically geared for the "Maid of Honor"! (Like a monogrammed anything, basically).

    Shop for each person like it was their birthday.

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    Also, alot of people like the website Etsy for interesting gift ideas.
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    Many people get caught up in the idea that WP gifts must be matchy-matchy and/or keepsake type "mementos" of the special day.

    But if a gift isn't something that I'll ever, ever use again, then it's neither a keepsake or much of a memento.

    So as aerin said, shop for your friends, not your WP.  In fact, take your wedding out of it altogether.  What stores or websites would you head to for a Christmas gift for your friends?  Or what stores or websites would you head to for a birthday present?  Good.  Go there.  Happy shopping.
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    Gifts in bio.
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