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Junoir best man? okay or stupid??

We have a dillema: Our son will be a little over 3 for our wedding and we have a nephew that will be exactly 3. My FI requires he is in the wedding. We already have a flower grl and her brother is her escort, our son was to be the ring bearer but then we would have no place for our nephew so we considered having our son be Dad's best man or junior best man. I think it's sweet and sentimental, but would like to know others veiws!!

Re: Junoir best man? okay or stupid??

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    I think that would be sweet, I think that it shows that he is more imporant than the ring bear.  He is your son so really he is the most important person in the Wedding Party besides you and your fiance.  I think your little guy would probably love the title as well.

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    I think that would be cute! It's not stupid at all.
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    Ditto Retread. It's not going to have the same meaning for your child as it would for you, but it's a nice idea nontheless.
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    This is a wonderful and very sweet idea! Go for it! :)
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    I don't think "junior" is necessary, but Best Man is cute.

    Or you could have two ring bearers. You aren't limited to just one.
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    As long as he'll be able to stand up there (or maybe have him sit) I think it's adorable! If he'll be running around knocking stuff over or jumping on people probably not the best idea :D It really depends on the kid but if he can handle the responsibility I think it'll be the cutest thing ever!
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    I'd think it a better choice to have 2 RBs, personally.  I don't think that a 3 year old has the understanding to be a Best Man.

    But hey-good luck to you.
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    I've seen a two-year-old Best Man.  The groom held him for most of the ceremony.

    I'm more in favor of two ring bearers, personally.  But it's your call.
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