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Where to get pant suit for best woman?

My fiance has a best woman.  We don't want her to wear a tux, but i have been thinking about a pant suit.  Any recommendations as to where I can find a nice one that doesn't look too much like a mother of the bride or groom pant suit?

Re: Where to get pant suit for best woman?

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    Macy's, Nordstrom, any of the department stores will have good stuff.  NY & Co. also has nice separates that make good suits.
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    You do know she can still wear a dress, right?  If she doesn't want to wear a dress, then I'm sure you can find a nice pantsuit, but no one under 60 wears colored pantsuits (unless you're the wife of a Senator), and otherwise it looks too businessy for a wedding, IMO.
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    I've been looking at dresses too.  Just thought I'd check out a dressy pant suit as well. 

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    Why not let her pick out the suit? She'd have to pay for it, wouldn't exactly match anyone else.
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    What does she want to wear?  I think you should discuss options and colors with her, and just let her pick her own.  You can retain veto power if you're worried about it not coordinating.
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    Can she pick what she wants to wear?  Particularly if she has to buy it, I'd ask her what she'd want to do first before you decide for her. 

    Just because she's standing up for a man doesn't mean that she has to wear pants.
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    My friend's DH had his sister as his Honor Attendant.  She wore the same dress as the BMs did, and it looked lovely.  I'm hoping that you're not assuming she has to wear pants because she's on the groom's side.
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