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Bridal party dress?

I have three bridesmaids also with my MOH. Two of them are considered plus size, and the other two are very petite. I wasnt planning on shopping for bridal party wear yet, but all four of them are big shoppers and all are close friends, so they have been looking for dresses together online (and in store) the problem is my curvy friends want a dress with straps and floor length, while the petite friends want knee-length dresses.

I don't care if they wear different style dresses as long as they are the same color and similar fabric, but my curvy girls are slightly put off because they think that they will look matronly if they get long dresses when standing along side the shorter dresses and want to have all long dresses.

I understand they might feel uncomfortable with showing that much leg, but I really like the shorter dresses and i don't want to take away the other girls choice of dresses. Any one been here?
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