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Bridal Shower and Money

I've run into a little dilemma with the bridal shower. My shower isn't until June 2nd, but my sister (and MOH) is really on the ball and has sent out the invites (RSVPs are coming in) and bought the decorations and planned the food. The issue: she has expressed some frustrations that none of the other bridesmaids have chipped in on the cost and is "afraid" to ask them. I told her that we're all students and/or just graduating from grad school so I understand money is tight. My bridesmaids are pretty easy going and I"m sure if my sister asked them to chip in a few bucks they would be more than happy to.

MOH has asked if I could maybe ask the other BMs to pay up, and my mom has backed her up. However, I don't believe this is an issue I should get invovled in? A bridal shower is a priviidge (sp?) and I'm so happy my girls have decided to throw me one in the first place. I would never want my BMs to think I expect them to shell out money they may or may not have.

What are your thoughts? Do you think I should stay out of this one or try to be a liason between my sister and the other girls?
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Re: Bridal Shower and Money

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    Stay out of it. You are right that you should not have any involvement. Your sister should have asked each girl individually and privately what they could spend and stay within that price range.  If they can't pay, then your sister has to decide how much she is willing to spend on her own. 
  • I think this is an issue of your sister. She should have asked the bridesmaids herself, and it is not really your place to ask them. She should be planning a party that she can afford, and if they chip in it would be helpful. However, she should ask them if this is really bothering her.

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  • Thanks ladies! That's what I thought. I'll just kindly tell my sister that I understand her frustrations, but I'd rather not get invovled. If she makes a big deal about it, that's her issue.
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    Your sister is doing this bass ackwards. Should have asked each bm, privately, if and what they were willing and able to contribute. That would have been the operating budget. Also, all contributors should have been involved with the planning, if they wanted to be. Assuming she hasn't made reservations or ordered food, it's not too late for her to do it the right way. She may have to cover the cost of the decorations on her own, since she didn't ask for the others ideas.

    As an MOB, myself, I would not expect college students to cover the shower costs, so I would be happy  to chip in for my daughter's shower. I suggest you stay out of it.
  • If she's already planned the shower without them, I don't know why she would think they would want to help pay for it.  

    I agree.  Stay out of it.  Tell your sister that you'll be perfectly fine if she needs to cut back some to meet her budget.  
  • If they never offered to host your shower, it's not their job to pay for it.  Definitely stay out of it.

  • Thanks ladies! 
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