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BMs are fighting... what do I do?

I have 6 in my Bridal party including my sister who is my maid of honor and 5 friends.  While all of my friends know of each other they are not all friends.  I have a great relationship with each of them and I am so honored that they are in my wedding but I know there is some tension and jealousy between two of the bridesmaids in particular.  My sister/MOH is also not a fan of one of the bridemaids (the same bridesmaid who has an issue with another bridesmaid in the party). 

On Saturday my friend called me hysterical crying that the bridal party met to discuss the shower and bachlorette party and my sister and friend were extremely rude to her.  She said they were rolling their eyes at her, laughing at her, and have not let her have a say in what is going on with the plans.  She said they were extremely nasty to her and she wants nothing to do with them.  She also advised me she doesn't want to participate in the bachlorette party since the two other girls will be there. 

I dont know what to do, I want her at the bachlorette party and I have asked her to compromise with me and just come to a portion of it (its a secret so I dont know exactly what is going on) but I'm torn.  Do I let it be and hope they work it out or should I say something to my MOH and Friend?

I apologize for the length of this post but any advice would be so very appreciated.
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