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What do you do when a bridesmaid calls you and tells you she's not going to be able to come 7 weeks before the wedding? She said that she'd send me the dress but I don't have anyone else to add the the wedding party. And taking a groomsman out isn't an option. Is it bad to just have the groomsman already standing up there and the bridesmaids just walk themselves down? How would the recessional go if I did that?

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  • two groomsmen and one bridemaid.. thats all 


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  • You can have your groomsman just walk by himself. I have a juniorbridesmaid who is not paired with anyone. Or like you said have the bridesmaids walk by themselves. I wouldnt over think it though...her loss.
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    [QUOTE]two groomsmen and one bridemaid.. thats all 
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  • Why would it be bad to have uneven sides?
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