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To Do or Not To Do

So when I started the wedding planning I originally wanted to have bridesmaids and groomsmen, but then when we needed to cut the budget I was like "Okay, if we don't ask anyone to stand up with us it saves a bunch of money on the floral front" and figured because we hadn't asked anybody it wouldn't be an issue (and it hasn't been an issue with anyone that's asked about it).

Now though we've decided to go with silk flowers (they'll be nice keepsakes afterwards and are so much cheaper) and we've found other areas to cut the budget, so now I'm not sure if I want to reinstate having honour attendants.

Some things that are impacting the choice:

*I really would like to have my best friend and sisters up there with me, and the FI would like to have his brothers there with him

*I know my friends/sisters don't have a lot of money, (though it's a fairly casual wedding we're planning; guys would wear a white short-sleeved dress shirt and black pants/slacks, for the girls we'd just go buy nice sun/cocktail dresses from the mall) so I'd feel a little bad asking them knowing that they might have problems affording it.

*For the ceremony, right now we're wanting to do a simple hand-fasting ritual, and I'm just not sure how that would work with having honour attendants standing up with us. Do they just stand there? Do they participate? Neither the FI nor I are very religious but should we incorporate more religious aspects so that the attendants have something to do?

*(I feel a little guilty for feeling this way but...) By having honour attendants I/we could call on them to help out with set-up/take-down of the location and wedding prep

*(Also feel guilty about this...) I don't know if we'll have the extra money to give them attendant gifts, and if we do have the extra money there are other areas I'd like to have more wiggle room...

So I'm just wondering what other people think... Pros and Cons for having vs not having a wedding party?
I'm really undecided on this so any input will help me make my eventual choice (the FI has said that I'm to make all the big decisions; he'll help make small either-or choices [like this colour or that] so he's leaving this one up to me)
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