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NWR: Career woot!

Okay, I'm a total dork and a loser for being excited about this, but I am.  When I was in college, there was this super-talented kid in both of my screenwriting classes who I really admired.  I never really hung out with him, but we're friends on Facebook.  He's worked with a bunch of different studios and interned with a HUGELY prominent producer (who's an alumna of our school).  He's doing pretty well for himself.

Well, apparently he's taking some time off to work on his writing, and he's throwing a big party.  Guess who got invited?  THIS CHICK!  *happy dance*  Seriously, I'm giddy.  I'm going to have some stuff ready to start shopping around soon, and I'd been meaning to re-establish contact with him socially so I could pass scripts along to him later without feeling totally awkward and poser-y.  Plus, there's certainly going to be a lot of his industry friends there, so it's an amazing networking opportunity.  Again, I feel like a major dork, but I'm totally going to get some business cards made up, and probably whip up a personal website with some samples of stuff I'm working on.

It's my first Hollywood party!  Woo!  (The only downside is that it's the day before our AHR so we probably can't stay too terribly late, but we'll manage.)
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