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Alternate Jobs other than Bridesmaids?? HELP!

Me and my fiancee are both in our twenties and are already having 7 attendants apeice. We are both only children and I have a very small family. I only have three cousins, one of which is a bridesmaid, but I need to find jobs for the other two. They will both still be in high school when we get married, but I do not want to have JR. bridesmaids since our party is already so large. WE are having a very short outdoor ceremony so there will not be any candles and we also will not be having anyone singing or scripture reading so Im not sure whats left. I am much closer to the older sister than the two younger sister but would still like to give them some type of job so that they can feel like they are involved! Any suggestions as to what other jobs they could do??

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