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I am still in college and one of my best friends/sorority sisters is getting married. We met through our sorority and quickly became best friends. We both attended a campus ministry where she met her future groom. I have been there through the ups and downs of their relationship. Well there is a group of us who are all very close, me, A, M and the bride. After he proposed, the bride told A and M before our sorority candlelight (a ceremony where the engaged blows out a candle to announce she is engaged) and I found out at the candlelight, to which I was late because I had class. After an impromptu engagement party I asked M if she knew before ( I already knew her answer cause she and the bride had obvious new manicures). She said the bride told her and A earlier that day. On to my real problem...the bride asked me for my address for her wedding list. I got a card from her later that week asking me to the the greeter/guestbook girl at her wedding. Of course I said yes because she is my best friend, but I was really hurt that she didn't ask me to be a bridesmaid. I called M and told her about the bride asking me to be the greeter/guestbook girl and all she said was that she wasn't the bride so she couldn't answer...which I totally understand. Later that day the bride posted her wedding party on her website...ALL of our mutual friends are bridesmaids! Everyone in her wedding party with the exception of the bride's sister are my close friends too. I feel stupid now becuase I had told the bride I wanted to throw her a shower and now I don't want anything to do with her wedding besides be the "greeter/guestbook girl". So my question is why did she ask EVERY ONE of our mutual friends to be in her wedding and not me? And is it ok that I am upset? I know this is her day but considering how close I THOUGHT we were, I am really hurt and want to know why I was not included. I wish she would not have given the "greeter/guestbook girl" position because I feel like that was a slap in the face and a pity job because she felt bad about not asking me to be in the wedding party. Please help me understand and not be bitter towards her! I am getting married and now I don't know if I should ask her to be in my wedding or just send her an invitation!

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