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Someone assumes they're in my WP

Yea, I know my posts are solely on the board.  Let's just say the WP is a weird point of discussion in my life.

I recently received a text from a friend of my sister's.  I do some mentoring stuff with a local church and one of her friends (with whom I've directly worked with a number of times).  The text was basically asking if he could be lined up with my sister as one of my GM.  I haven't even asked anyone to be a part of my WP.  The only discussion regarding my choices has been with my FI.  Sadly, when choosing the candidates, his name didn't even come to mind.  Do I let him down softly, and how do I do that? Or do I just go with it?


Re: Someone assumes they're in my WP

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    If you've only discussed your potential WP with your FI, then you haven't actually selected anyone yet.

    Just tell him that you haven't yet chosen your GM, and leave it at that. Then refrain from further discussing wedding plans/details with him.

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    Ditto twilight. You haven't asked your WP yet, so just tell him that.

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    Ditto PPs, just tell him you haven't selected anybody yet. If he presses the issue, change the subject.

    When the time comes for you to select people (Not sure when your date is, but wait until like 6-9 months before the wedding), with the exception of either your or your FI's siblings (To avoid future family drama) do not include somebody just to spare their feelings ... very excellent chance, you'll end up regretting it, and once you ask somebody, there's "no backsies".

    After you've made your choices, if anybody asks (Which it's pretty rude on their part to do so), just say "The BMs are x, y and z, the GMs are a, b and c" and be done with it. Please don't try to explain to anybody why they "didn't make the cut".

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    "We haven't picked the WP yet, we're just enjoying being engaged for now.  Hey, have you seen Inception?  Was that trippy or what?"
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    Ditto pps.  I'd just say, at this point, "I'm sorry for any misunderstanding.  FI and I haven't yet chosen our WP and won't be for some time.  We're just enjoying beig engaged right now."

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    Ditto pp - "We haven't asked our Wedding Party yet" and change the subject.

    When you have asked the people you intend on asking...and people who were not asked bring it up - which is their faux pas, not yours - you can then say "The groomsmen are Tom, John, and Rob". and then change the subject. ;-)  Anyone who asks you runs the risk of making it awkward for both them and you, but you can respond diplomatically.
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    Do not tell someone why they did not make the cut.

    If he asks again, just simply say that you and FI haev not discussed it yet.
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