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Hi Everyone-  I could use some suggestions on what to call my bridesmaids in my program.  I have 3 girls in my wedding party.  2 girls are my besties and the other girl is my brother's fiancee.  My 2 besties have been doing all the work, as in helping with invitations, planning showers, etc. and my brother's fiancee hasn't been involved bc/ she and my brother are on tour as actors traveling the country.  I want to honor my besties in the program, but I don't want to hurt my brother's fiancee's feelings.  Would it be strange to have 2 maids of honor and 1 bridesmaid?

Thanks for any suggestions!

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    I did mention two of our eleven attendants in the "special thanks" section of the program (one of mine, one of his), because they did a TON of work with the wedding.  Although honestly, that was as much because said section was a bit skimpy and we wanted to flesh it out.  We're going to get a little extra something for the people who've been of extra help, which includes a few people who weren't in the wedding.

    I think that there shouldn't be co-MsOH unless there would be at least two bridesmaids as well.  Otherwise it's a pretty big insult to the one girl who wasn't special enough.
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    Call them all BMs.  It really isn't any of anyone else's business who helped you with what.  

    Then get the two best friends a special thank you gift with a nice note and give it to them privately, mentioning how much they didn't have to help with the wedding and how much you really appreciate them doing so much.  

    Remember, the two friends went above and beyond.  The FSIL is not slacking.  
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    If you didn't name your closest friend as MOH in the very beginning, then don't name anyone as MOH as a reward for their help.

    Like PPs said, thank them in private for their help.
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