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Does anyone remember...

those sandals with the interchangeable ties that were made by women of a third world country (or something like that)?  About a year ago there was a link on The Knot for them and I was thinking of getting them for my wedding.  They were flat and the ties laced up the ankles.  The profits from them went back to the women who made them.  Grrrr... my memory is really fuzzy about the specifics.  I hope at least one of you remembers and can help me out!  TIA!  I posted this on the AA board this morning, but didn't have much luck.  I know there are quite a few of you that have been on TK for awhile, so hopefully someone knows what I'm talking about!
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Re: Does anyone remember...

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    Do you want sandals or flip flops?  If so, here is the sandals link....let me know


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    I looked quick, but I think this is it!  Not sure because the site looks different but I think it's just been updated!  Thanks a lot!
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